Celebrities Gone Wild

‘Celebrities Gone Wild’
impresses, amazes audience

By John Taylor – Mesquite Local News

Wild is an understatement.

The performance of ‘Celebrities Gone Wild’ April 17 was a change of pace from the usual performances of local actors at the Mesquite Community Theater.

Brought to Mesquite by Venezia Productions, the celebrity impersonators, which included some former members of the cast of “La Cage” in Las Vegas, gave the audience the illusion of watching famous Hollywood stars in Mesquite.

In a larger-than-life performance, Gary Seitz as Anita Dollar is the headliner and is very believable as he lip-syncs a variety of songs.

“We hope that everyone will try this show as a different entertainment option for Mesquite,” said Barbara Vaccaro of Venezia Productions.  “If you have not experienced a show like this, you have to try it,” she said.

Performing along with Anita were other female impersonators that amazed the crowd with their costumes and songs.

“I cannot believe these women are men,” said Brent Ward, visiting from Vermont.  “It’s simply amazing!”

Ward was later selected as one of several audience participants in a rendition of a Dolly Parton song performed along with Anita Dollar.

Audience participation was an important part of this show and the crowd loved it.

Local celebrities also took part in a look-a-like contest.

Former Ms. Senior Mesquite Jean Watkins as Dorthy from “The Wizard of Oz” and Ms. Senior Mesquite runner-up Bunny Wiseman as Marilyn Monroe showed a remarkable likeness to the real stars.

Stage performances by Cher and Michael Jackson had the crowd enthralled and had the audience doing a double and even triple take to make sure they weren’t the real thing.

The resemblance to Michael Jackson was absolutely uncanny, and the impersonator’s performance so believable, many in the audience thought it was not just like Michael Jackson but it was exactly like him not only in appearance but in movement and style as well.

Cher was so authentic that it was like looking at a real performance by the star.

In keeping with the comedy venue of the show, the actors gave  an irreverent rendition of the song “Sisters” where they were dressed as nuns, with one of the younger nuns going a little wild by drinking, smoking and wearing high heels.

It was hilarious.

Former President Bill Clinton was also the target of some irreverent slapstick as the performers poked fun, and offered a comedy routine that had the audience laughing uproariously.

‘Celebrities Gone Wild’ had a lot of very talented performers who were very good at impersonating their show business personalities with the mannerisms that define the real stars.

There were many times when you would question yourself as to whether the performer was really a he or a she.

The stand up comedy was what everyone came to see and they got their money’s worth.

The fabulous wardrobes and immaculate makeup made even skeptics admire the skillful performers.

Mesquite Community Theater has enjoyed community support and loyal audiences and has developed a reputation for quality entertainment.

‘Celebrities Gone Wild’ built on that reputation by showing Mesquite that entertainment comes in a variety of forms, and this performance was greatly enjoyed by the audience.